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Could You Hold Your Tears Reading This? I Failed...

"Sampaikan dariku walau satu ayat." [H.R. Bukhari]

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But suddenly she cried aloud.
"No ... no ... no ...!!"

This is the story of a student at a girls' school in Palestine. That day the school board gathered as usual. Among the decisions and recommendations issued by the council in the meeting were inspections for female students in the hall. And indeed, a special team was formed to examine and get to work. Of course, checks carried out on all the things that are banned in the school environment such as mobile phones with cameras, photographs, drawings and love letters as well as others.

Situation seems to be normal and stable, very quiet. The student receiving this command with pleasure. The inspection team begin exploring all classrooms and halls with aplomb. Out of one room into another room. Opening the students bags in front of them. All bags are empty except for containing books, pens, and other school equipment needed. Until the end of the examination is completed in all rooms except one room. That's where the incident began. What exactly is happening???

Inspection team come into the room confidently as usual. The team asked for permission to the students to check their bags. Then, the examination began.

It was at the end of the room there was a student who was sitting. She looked to the inspection team with a split and bleary eyes, her hand was clutching her purse. Her gaze sharpened to every closer inspection who turn on her. You know, if she kept hidden things in her bag???

A few moments later the inspection team checking student in front of her. She also holds her bag very tight. As if she said, "For the sake of Allah they will not open my bag!" And they come to turn to check on her. Began the examination.

"Please, open Your bag.", said a teacher member of the inspection team.

The students were not directly open the bag. She saw a woman in front of her in silence clutching the bag to her chest.

"Give me the purse, O my Daughter", asked the examiner gently.

But suddenly she cried aloud.

"No ... no ... no ...!!"

That cries provoke the other inspectors and they gathered around the girl.

Debate ensued: "Give ... Not! ... Give ... Not!"

Is there a secret that she's hiding??? And what actually happened???

Then there was a fight scene to fight hand bags that still remain in the owners blockade. The students were shocked and all wide-eyed. A woman teacher stood up and placed her hand on her mouth. The room suddenly silent. All was silent. MashaAllah, what exactly is in the bag. Is it true that the girl is ....

After some deliberation, inspection team finally agreed to take the student and her bag to the office, to continue the examination that might takes a long time ...

The girl entering the office with tears streaming down like rain. Her eyes looked towards all those who present in the room with a look full of hate and anger. Because they will reveal the secrets of her in front of the crowd. Chief inspectors ordered her to sit and calm the situation. She begans to calm. And principals were asked, "What are you hiding in your purse, O my Daughter ...?"

This time, in a moment of bitter and hard, she opened her purse. MashaAllah, whatsoever is in it??? No. No. There is nothing that is prohibited in the bag. No illegal items, no mobile phones with cameras, no images, no photographs onr love letters. By Allah, there was nothing in it except some leftover breads. Yes, that's what is in the bag.

After being asked about the leftovers in the bag, she said, after took a deep breath.

"These are the remains of the girls breakfast bread, the remaining half or one-quarter in the wrapper. Then I collect and I ate some. The rest I took for my family at home ... Yes, to my mother and my brothers at home. So they have something to eat for lunch and dinner. We were poor, did not have anyone. We are nobody, and nobody is asking about us. My reason for not opening the bag, so I'm not embarrassed in front of friends in this room today."

Suddenly, the room exploded with tears. The eyes of everyone present in tears as a sign of remorse for his mistreatment at this girl.

This is one of the many events that heartbreaking humanity in Palestine. And very probably took place around our lives. We do not know, perhaps this time we do not bother with them. Our Prayers and helping hands, at least, can slightly ease their suffers. Especially to our brothers in Palestine, which until now continues got hit of  human tragedy caused by the Israeli occupation.

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Could You Hold Your Tears Reading This? I Failed...
Adam Troy Effendy
By Pusaka Madinah
Published: 2012-11-05T19:17:00+07:00
Could You Hold Your Tears Reading This? I Failed...
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"Sampaikan dariku walau satu ayat." [H.R. Bukhari]
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