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Raindrops Whisper feat. Chell in the Rain

"Sampaikan dariku walau satu ayat." [H.R. Bukhari]
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                          has its own way 
                          to tell you so

                          how much God loves you

                          thunder greets 
                          to make you reach 
                          the spring within

                           since the early
                                       ‘til the end

                                                                      one minute to noon, the ghost city
melankoolia                                                                                                                                                       muxlimo's lair 

Do You love rain
Here a present from Nick Catal.

"Chell in the Rain"


Agar track-nya tak terputus-putus karena pengaruh koneksi internet, posisikan bar audio ke awal lagi setelah beberapa saat.

Surah Al-Room
It is Allah Who sends the Winds, and they raise the Clouds: then does He spread them in the sky as He wills, and break them into fragments, until thou seest rain-drops issue from the midst thereof: then when He has made them reach such of his servants as He wills, behold they do rejoice! (48)

Surah Al-Araf
It is He who sendeth the winds like heralds of glad tidings going before His Mercy: when they have carried the heavy-laden clouds, We drive them to a land that is dead, make rain to descend thereon, and produce every kind of harvest therewith: thus shall We raise up the dead: perchance ye may remember. (57)

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Raindrops Whisper feat. Chell in the Rain
Adam Troy Effendy
By Pusaka Madinah
Published: 2011-10-31T12:56:00+07:00
Raindrops Whisper feat. Chell in the Rain
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"Sampaikan dariku walau satu ayat." [H.R. Bukhari]
Tampilan terbaik laman ini pada peramban Chrome
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7 komentar:

Enny Merachy mengatakan...


MUXLIMO mengatakan...

@Enny Merachy
Napa Jeng.. :10: ya?! :3:

lichazul...elisa mengatakan...

muchas gracias por tu huella
desde Chile un abrazo de paz

MUXLIMO mengatakan...

Ah.. eres bienvenido,Elisa..eres el amor de bienvenida, y la paz de Indonesia, Querida Hermana :25:

Bang Arbi mengatakan...

Rain brings Blessing...same way with THOSE TEARS bring Releave...

Direktori WeBlog mengatakan...

I always love rainy season..I dont know why :D

Bang Arbi mengatakan...

Something i learn from rain is that:

when rain falls, my clothes do not dry. everyone loves to stay at home rather than go out. sometimes we only look the bad side of anything rather than bright side. we can choose any options in life, but please choose any options that encourage us to get up n face life with greatness n grace... Coz God looking at our heart...hopefully there is FAITH n SPIRIT within.

Face life with true friends, coz true friends never make us felt down, they understand us, make us believe that we are unique in every way we are, what ever our decisions are. Why is that? Coz true friend has the same vision with us, eventhough they are not our brothers/sisters in blood. They are precious like diamonds, hard to get but worth to find... Sometimes they are close around us, but we just don't aware of them...

Just like Sayidina Abu Bakr n Muhammad SAW before n after islam arise....


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